Deseo (The Wish)

Certificate of Authenticity

If you are interested in purchasing a Certificate of Authenticity for your R.C. Gorman artwork, please complete the information below. You may attach up to 3 images of your artwork in the file spaces in the form, please provide additional details in your comments for each file if you submit photos. 

Please include a photo of the

1. Entire image

2. Closeup of signature

3. Closeup of the edition name or number and the dimensions of the artwork excluding frame & mat. 

After you submit the form, you will be contacted via your email and/or phone by one of our art specialists to discuss the details of certifying your artwork.

This is an ideal option for clients who want official documentation specifying whether their piece is an original R.C. Gorman artwork. In order to receive a Certificate of Authenticity, clients must ship or bring their art into the Scottsdale or Santa Fe gallery so that we may evaluate the piece in person.

Leading reasons that clients purchase Certificates of Authenticity:

  1. Currently own an R.C. Gorman artwork and want to confirm that it is an original piece.
  2. Misplacement or damage of their original Certificate of Authenticity and want to replace it.

Certificates of Authenticity range in price between $150 – $250 each. We will contact you to arrange a time and a way to view your artwork.

Or you may call us directly:
Scottsdale Gallery: 1-480-478-4163 

Certificate of Authenticity Form

    Please email any photos you may have of your artwork to