Framed Pieces

If you selected & purchased a framed piece, your frame & mat will reflect the below image. Please note that framed dimensions will be larger than listed to account for the mat and frame & due to the originality of each piece, may vary in size slightly from what is listed on each piece.

Frame & Mat

Black frame with Black Mat

Having a professional frame your prized new artwork goes far beyond simply framing. Professional framers are trained in the care and preservation of artwork. Not only do they guide you through the design process, they also explain the differences between mats. They can also explain the pros and cons of glass over acrylic glazing as well as the benefits of various methods of mounting your new art.

Canyon Woman - R.C. Gorman - Bedroom Example
Canyon Woman - R.C. Gorman - Bedroom Example

To a reputable framer, discussing these points isn’t about pushing for a high-priced sale. It’s about finding the proper materials for the art being framed at a price that works for you. Working with a professional framing service is an opportunity to learn more about the care of your art and learn how to preserve it. Our framers are some of the best in the business.